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I am hoping to run yoga sessions online starting Sunday 29th March.  The platform will be "Zoom".  You will need to download the software (see links below) to your tablet, phone or computer, but you do not need to register for an account (unless you wish to, that is).  I am using the basic version, which allows up to 100 people to join the session, and limits the session to 40 minutes.  So what I propose is that, initially, we have a session from 4 - 4.40 on Sunday; then another session from 5 - 5.40.  

I suggest that you do not enable video or audio.  In a regular meeting with a few participants it would be fine, but with a larger number we will be able to hear anything happening in each others' homes simultaneously!  And anyone typing on their device will sound like a herd of stampeding animals to everyone else.  

I have scheduled a trial meeting between 6pm and 6.40pm this Saturday.  What I suggest is that you join the meeting at any time between 6 and 6.40 with your audio enabled.  I will then be able to confirm that you have successfully joined the meeting and you can tell me if you can hear and see me.  You can then click on the button to leave the meeting.

However, if you prefer to do an individual trial connection with me, send me an email or text 07443513505, and we can arrange to do it at a mutually convenient time.

So, on Saturday, click on this link below in this email. It should then open the app automatically.  If you are prompted for a meeting ID, it is below. 

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 995 711 6522

On Sunday, please ensure that you have disabled your video and audio within the app.
You will receive the invitation link to the 4pm session by email 10 minutes before the meeting starts.  Again, click on the link to open the app and connect.
The 5pm session invitation will also be sent by email 10 minutes before the meeting starts.

During the lesson itself, I will know who has joined, as your name will appear on my screen.

Here is where you get the app:

Zoom app for apple

Zoom for Android in Google Play

This is from a blog of someone who now uses Zoom:

If a recipient of the meeting invitation has previously installed the launcher, clicking the link will immediately connect them to the meeting. All you have to do is click on the link that was sent to you, at the time of the meeting or a few minutes before the meeting starts. The link will look something like this: 

Before you say, "Omigod! I can't do that! It was hard enough trying to use Skype!" let me assure you that it is easy. You just click on the link and follow the simple instructions on screen. When you do this for the first time, you will receive instructions from to install the loader file on your computer or device. This only takes seconds, after which you will be asked to click OK when it appears. Do this and you will be linked to the Zoom call where you will see the other attendees on the screen. If you don't see anything but an empty rectangle it means that you arrived at the meeting before anyone else, everyone else forgot about the meeting, or they chose not to attend. If you arrive before the meeting host, Zoom will send an email to the host telling them that you are waiting. You will notice at the bottom left of your Zoom window an icon to control audio (mute) and another to control your camera. You will not see this second icon if you don’t have a camera on your computer, tablet or phone. You can turn off the camera by clicking its icon if you wish. You can also mute your microphone if you wish. You will still get the audio from the meeting.

I hope it works!

Best wishes



Non-virus-time venue: 

Venue: Mill Street, Masonic Hall, Congleton, CW12 1AB

Map link - click here