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Title: Amazing website, Author: Petr, Date: 18 February 2018 18:42

Very helpful!

Title: Peaceful Presence, Author: Rob Walsh, Date: 8 September 2016 20:04

Thank you for this gift.

Title: Spreading the Wellness, Author: Ari Zourides, Date: 20 July 2016 13:47

Your website gives extremely valid and useful information. it has allowed me spread a sense of wellness around my community in South Africa. I love the articles, and all the different types of mediation's presented. Please keep up the good work.

Title: A lifesaver, Author: Jane Gallagher, Date: 27 January 2015 17:58

I have just qualified as a yoga teacher and was asked to teach some school children. I didn't know where to start until I came across your wonderful website.
The children loved the Warrior Relaxation so much they ask for it every time.
Thank You.

Title: Guest Star, Author: Connie Wiegeshaus, Date: 19 June 2014 19:22

Thank you for being a 'guest star' today as our Cross Plains instructor. The session was a great blend of peacefulness and challenge.
Your website will help me with my home practice. Much appreciated.

Title: Yoga (Йога in Russian) is becoming very popular in Eastern Europe, Author: Йога, Date: 7 July 2012 01:38

Very inspirational, it is great to see beople changing their thoughts and improving their spirit through Йога.

Title: Yoga, Author: Yoga, Date: 7 July 2012 01:34

Thank you for the wonderful website. Lot's of good info here.

Title: Yoga, Author: Organic Diet, Date: 7 July 2012 01:32

Yoga or Йога in my native Russian, has completely transformed my life. Thank you for making this wonderful website. I will visit often.

Title: thanks, Author: boris, Date: 3 March 2012 08:25

was looking for something inspirational today and googled "yoga inspiration". l'm so glad i did that because this site was just what i was after. truly beautiful and inspirational. thank you from the bottom of my heart. greetings from serbia..