Yoga With Rob Chambers


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Therapeutic Yoga Routines



Chin to ceiling
Say OW very slowly
Forehead stretch - raise eyebrows and then lower them
Alternate sides of the mouth smiles
Purse, Pig and Grimace
Eye Circles
Lion pose

Sideways head clasp
Four ways head cross
Head and neck twist
Head clasp forward

T Shape arms out to side hold for one minute
Half Nelson
Shoulder rolls
Forwards and backwards swing pendulum
Chicken wings 30 seconds
Shoulder hand lying on front on floor - rest hands on chair seat
Scissors - arms in front cross and re-cross arms vigorously alternating arm on top
Cow`s Head arms
Clasped hands forwards bend arms over top
Shoulder folding forwards and backwards

Thumb and finger rotations
T shape with wrist action
Wing flap
Tower (Heavenly pose)
Palm rotations - thumb under palm out
Up and under - stretch arms in front, cross palms, interlock fingers and rotate inwards
The back prayer
Penguin Flap - raise arms backwards

Knee to chest stretch
Head to knee stretch
Small Bridge stretch - only shoulders and buttocks touching
Shoulder Bow
Sitting spinal twist
Standing Twist - wrap arms around body
Standing back ward bend - forward bend and hang
Cat Kneeling sideways leg raising and cross straight leg behind bent leg and touch floor
Lying sideways leg lift
The forward lying boat pose
Kneeling raise arms lower to floor - arms and back straight
Lying spinal twist - variations
The plough
Tiger balance
Ironing Board back
Thread Needle
Elbow clasp side bend
Crescent side bend
Sideways body raising
Cradle (Ball up)
J Twist 
Cobra variations

Butterfly and lean to one side
Lying butterfly Baby sleeping pose
Diagonal knee to chest stretch
Hip lift - leg swept back in Bharadvajasana
Cross leg lean
Frog`s legs - lying on leg pull in feet
Gate pose
Sitting see-saw
Dying swan

Standing hamstring stretch on chair seat
Knotted leg raising - lie back on forearm
Front lying bow - hold feet
Down dog
Tiger - and side raise
Front lying leg raise
Straight leg head to knee stretch on back
Sideways leg raising
Sitting leg flex
Standing Bow
Chair squat

Foot massage
Standing ankle/foot rotation
Kneeling on toes tucked under
One leg-bent heel press
Toe squash - kneel and then lift knees - lift onto toes
Diver`s Stretch
Achilles stretch - leaning forward on wall

Stand behind partner - lift and drop shoulders
Standing push ups
Back to back sitting and standing
Face to face V sitting holding hands and feet together
Cradle head of partner - pull head away from shoulders one hand under head 
the other on side of neck; lift chin to chest; turn from side to side
Lying partner twist bent knee. Push on opposite knee and shoulder
Foot to foot massage - lie on front, rest balls of feet inside the soles of partner`s feet
Face to face sitting - legs straight - press your partner`s legs/feet out with yours
Kneel behind partner - Partner hold shoulders; you pull the elbows back
Kneel behind partner - Clasp hand in front and push the elbows together
Kneel behind partner - Clasp behind head - partner pull the elbows back
Kneel behind partner - Cows head - push elbows together
Back to back double triangle pose
Two person side bend - bend outside leg
Cross legged arms above - partner lift with shoulders