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Children`s Yoga

Children`s Yoga One

The kind of yoga we are going to do uses "yoga sounds" to get you ready to start.

The yoga sounds are: Ong Namo, Guru Dev Namo...

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Children`s Yoga Two

Yoga and breathing in the classroom

The following is a sample 20-minute session that could be used to educate teachers in Yoga and breathing techniques. As a teacher, do you find yourself saying to your students, 'pay attention; 'settle down' or 'I want you to listen and concentrate on what I am saying'?....

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Children`s Yoga Three

Teaching Yoga to Children by Femmy Brug

 A Yoga class for children should have it all! Dynamic postures, movement and lots of variety, but also composure, focus and attention. Children should not hold the postures. Movement suits their nature and their growing bodies. This doesn't mean that there cannot be stillness in a children's class. Relaxation at the end can be a quiet time and it is also important for children to practise some simple breathing techniques. Conveying the message of Yoga through a story is something I am interested in. I have found that children love to illustrate stories with the Yoga asanas...

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