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Here are some websites that you may enjoy visiting.

Websites are included if they contain a significant amount of information about yoga. 

Please e-mail me if you come across any interesting sites not listed here (newest additions are at the top of the list)

How to stretch the psoas muscles

Alignment Yoga website, including a link to Scott Anderson's Blog.

Alignment Yoga videos with Scott Anderson

10 Alignment cues that yoga teachers need to stop giving  

Animations of yoga poses showing the muscles used in each pose.

A really fine website with lots of examples and sections including the asanas, mantras, sutras, philosophy, styles.  A real inspiration! 

Yoga for pregnancy.  Click on the links!  Plenty of really good suggestions here, and easy-to-follow instructions.

Lots of clear yoga positions with many different angles, with information and tips to help your practice

The Great Salutation - showing how to do it, with short explanations, too.

This website is run by YogaUK and is dedicated to the practice of yoga in the UK.

Turn your keyboard into a series of yoga poses (both upper case and lower case) by downloading this into your fonts folder.

Contains pictures and descriptions of many hatha yoga techniques.

Contains an extensive section on tantra and sex.

This wonderful site in America specialises in yoga for children with special needs, like Downs Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy. There are lovely pictures of children doing yoga and details about suitable programmes of asanas and becoming a teacher in this area.

An interesting Indian/USA site with lots of information about yoga and health. There are sections on food, naturopathy, pregnancy and meditation. There's also a good section on the kriyas.

This is the website of the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, the yoga centre in Madras where Desikachar is based. Contains information about their Yoga Research and publications.

An interesting US site with many postures and some sequences illustrated and described. 

Have you read Autobiography of a Yogi? Two main organisations were set up in memory of Paramhansa Yogananda. This is the website of the more official of the two organisations which was set up by him in 1920. Includes information about the life of Yogananda and some selections from his writings. 

This is the other Yogananda organisation run by Kriyananda. Includes information about kriya yoga.

The website of Graham Ledgerwood (Ramakrishna Ananda), gives an overview of the main types of yoga and meditation techniques.

The website of the Sivananda worldwide organisation founded by Swami Vishnu-Devananda. Includes pages on the principles and paths of yoga, according to the teachings of Sivananda. 12 basic postures are pictured and described.

The website of the Yoga Anand Ashram, founded by Gurani Anjali. A substantial site giving information on all aspects of yoga. Includes inspirational readings by Gurani Anjali. Gives illustrated step-by-step instruction on 30 yoga postures.

The website of the US magazine Yoga Journal. Contains lots of interesting yoga articles.

An organisation dedicated to the practice of kriya yoga. On-line journal of kriya yoga called Soul Culture, with articles by Paramahansa Hariharananda and others.

The website of Muz Murray - information about his life and work. Includes an interesting article on mantra.