Yoga With Rob Chambers


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The Lagoon

Lie down comfortably. Close your eyes and begin by focusing on your breathing.


Inhale as deeply as you can, then let the air out in a long, slow breath. Pause before taking the next breath and sense the stillness and silence of that moment. Take another deep breath, pause again and sink into that silence. Now take regular breaths pausing for a few moments as you inhale and exhale. Each time you do this try to immerse yourself in those moments when there is no movement in the body and no sound, not even of your own breathing.


Establish a regular rhythm then, when you are suitably relaxed, imagine that you are lying on a raft of soft reeds in a quiet lagoon. See the blue, almost cloudless, sky above, sense the gentle undulations of the water and listen to the sound of jungle birds calling in the distance. In the silence between the calls of the birds you catch the rustle of leaves on the far bank as a cooling breeze sweeps in from the sea. You hear a droplet of moisture fall from a leaf and splash in the sparkling blue wafer, then you hear another. With the sound of each droplet you are becoming more and more relaxed. The sound is so small that you have to strain to hear it and as you do you sink deeper and deeper into a profound state of relaxation.


You can feel the sun touching your body with its healing rays and warming the water. Feel the soothing heat gradually building to form what feels like a cushion of air supporting your back.


The warmth makes you feel as if you are floating on a cloud as you sink deeper into relaxation, deeper than you have ever experienced before.


Only the occasional passing cloud gives you a sense that anything is moving in this secluded tropical paradise. A bird circles overhead as you gaze lazily into the azure blue sky. To the left and right you catch a glimpse of overhanging palm trees.


The scent of tropical plants is intoxicating, the blur of colours that you catch as you look from bank to bank are indeed the vivid colours of paradise. You are losing all sense of time for this is a place out of the normal world where your cares have no meaning. You simply exist to experience and enjoy the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of this secluded world. Listen to the sound of the water returning to its source, the sea, and allow yourself to flow with it as if you were floating on a leaf.


You are relaxed and exhilarated at the same time. The sun sparkles on the water like diamonds and you close your eyes to avoid the glare.


The current carries you into the shade of a large cave where fruit and jugs of fresh water have been left for your nourishment. Eat and drink your fill, and when you are satisfied make your way towards the light that is breaking through at an opening at the back of the cave. As you emerge into the light become aware of your surroundings, feel the weight of your body on the bed or the floor and slowly open your eyes.