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The Kite

Get into your chosen position. Close your eyes, and breathe naturally, then when you feel sufficiently relaxed start visualizing yourself on a windswept hillside. Look down on the rolling fields, hills and winding country lanes below. Feel the freshening wind in your hair and the warmth of the sun on your face. Now see yourself kicking off your shoes and taking off your socks to sense the soft grass under your feet.


Beside you on the grass is a kite made to your own design. Is it the traditional diamond shape or in the form of an animal, a bird or a geometrical shape? Is it large or small? What colour is it? What material is it made from? Wrapped around the tail of the kite are a number of bows which you are going to unravel one at a time.


Unravel the first bow. It might be larger or smaller than you expected, but it will be the right size for your needs. Now write your name and the first thing that comes into your mind. It might be a single word, a sentence or a short list of words and phrases. It might even come in the form of a symbol. When your mind is silent again re-tie the bow.


Unravel the next bow and write the word ?Love?, followed by the first thing that comes into your mind. When you are finished re-tie the bow.


Unravel the third bow, write the word ?Worry?, following it with the first thing that comes into your mind.


Unravel the fourth bow and write the word ?Hope?. Again write whatever next comes into your mind and then re-tie the bow.


Now unravel the fifth and final bow and write whatever is concerning you at the moment that you would like to be resolved or for which you require some guidance. Add anything you want to aid its journey out into the etheric world, such as a prayer or a short message. You could write ?with love?, an entreatment that your message is heeded, or even address it ?to whom it may concern . Draw a heart around it if you like, or attach something that is significant such as a flower or a lock of your own hair, or that of a person that you might be concerned for. Do not try to analyse your actions; just do whatever comes naturally and spontaneously to mind.


Now reel out the string of the kite and watch it as it soars into the sky. Keep a tight rein on it. Play the line and watch as it weaves through the clouds. Keep it in view as you lengthen the line and as you do so sense your attachment to the kite lessening. Reel it in to reinforce your control over it, then gradually let the line slip through your fingers as you prepare to cast your concerns into the clouds. Do you feel ready to let go of the string?


Release it and watch as the kite disappears into the clouds. Trust that your thoughts and feelings will be acted upon by the ?Universal Force? for the highest good of all concerned.

When you feel ready, gradually return to waking consciousness by counting down from ten to one.