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The Desert Island

Get into your chosen position. Close your eyes, breathe naturally, and when you feel suitably relaxed begin to visualize yourself sitting under a palm tree in swimwear at sunrise on a deserted beach on an idyllic desert island.

Placed beside you are your everyday clothes and the suitcase that you brought with you containing everything that you believe is of value to you and which you feel you cannot do without in your daily life. Open the case and examine its contents. Here are the essential items you have brought from work and from home. How significant do these seem to you now that you are so far away from your office, school or home? Perhaps there is something you feel you could discard, something that has been a burden and that you would not miss if you returned without it. If so, take it out and bury it in the sand. Then think no more about it.

Now you turn to watch the sun rise; its rays are the ocean flaming red and orange but it is not too hot for you at this early hour of the day, sitting in the shade of the palm tree.

As the sun climbs in the sky the ocean looks clear icy blue in colour. You feel drawn to walk to the water?s edge. Imagine yourself stretching and standing leaving behind all your stress and cares. Feel the white sand under your feet and between your toes as you wiggle them for the sheer sense of playfulness with knowing that you have escaped all of your cares.

Smell the fresh sea air and feel the breeze blowing through your hair and touching your body. Hear the sound of the gulls circling in the sky above you and the distant call of exotic parrots and other birds in jungle behind you.

Walk down to the seashore, and then go along the beach stopping occasionally to bend down and look at the shells that have been washed up on the shore. Pick up a shell that attracts you and turn it over in your hand Run your fingers over its contours and feel the texture of its surface.

The water looks cool and inviting. You wade in and find it pleasantly warm. You can still feel the sand between your toes but now you also feel the warmth of the water lapping against your legs.

A small brightly coloured fish swims by. You wade out a little further where you can see the coral under the surface of the sparkling water. Another exotic-coloured fish swims up to you and circles round you before swimming away. Perhaps you feel like swimming. Even if you cannot swim, immerse yourself in the clear refreshing water and feel all your anxieties being washed away.

When you feel ready, begin to wade back to the shore. On reaching the beach, walk up to the palm tree and retrieve your everyday clothes. Take another look in your suitcase and consider its contents. Is there anything else that you now feel you could discard? Take a long hard look and see if you are carrying anything that is of little real value or use to you.