Yoga With Rob Chambers


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The Corridor

Close your eyes and visualise yourself standing at one end of a long corridor. Try to imagine it in all its detail, the lighting, the walls, the surface of the floor, and so on.


Now see the word ?calm? appearing in front of you in any form or colour that you like but keep it simple. Hold that Image firmly in focus as you send the word floating down the corridor. Do not follow it and do not allow it to disappear from view. When you have seen it safely to the end of the corridor, begin to bring it back, slowly and smoothly.


Now send it back down the corridor and send it through a door at the far end and watch it as it dissolves into a pool of warm water.


Now begin to walk down the corridor. As you pass by the walls to your right and left, you see pictures of your life as you lead it at the moment. In each picture is something that causes you worry, stress, anxiety or pain. It could be something in your life, or in someone else?s whom you know. Just observe each picture and then leave the moment or the situation behind, resolving not to let these worry you and disturb you when you return to your waking world.


You are now coming to the doorway. As you pass through the doorway, you notice that you are in a room, which is filled with a very gentle light. The air is warm, there are pleasant scents in the air ? jasmine, or rose, or cut grass ? in fact whichever scent that gives you most pleasure. You decide to use this moment to relax in the pool of warm water before you. Feel yourself stepping in to the water, the silky smoothness of it on your skin, the muscles and the joints of your body responding as you lower yourself to lie with your head at the edge of the pool.


Now you allow the gentle music that you hear to lull you to a sense of complete relaxation.


Gradually, the room and water dissolve away.


You are now in the room you left when you began the visualisation.

Slowly open your eyes.