Yoga With Rob Chambers


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Slow Hand Meditation

Sit comfortably and shake out your hands, as if you were flinging
water off your fingertips. Deepen your breath slightly. When your hands
feel energized, place them on your thighs, palms facing up. Take a few
moments to focus on the sensations in your hands. Feel, if you can, the
pulse in your fingertips.

As your breath deepens, see if you can activate your
belly, diaphragm, rib cage and upper chest. Breathe deep into your
belly. Fill your upper chest with air at the top of the inhalation, and
then see how much you can relax with each exhalation.

Imagine a light at the core of your being. As you
breathe in, let the light pulse a little brighter. When you exhale, let
it pulse a little dimmer. You can even give it a temperature or assign
a colour to the sensations in your belly.

With each breath, imagine this energy filling your
chest & shoulders. Feel it flow down your arms and into your palms.
Notice light and warmth filling your chest cavity, your rib cage, your
arms, your hands.

Rest your awareness in and around your hands. Feel the
air touching your palms, fmgers & thumbs. Feel the outline of your
hands and the space between your fingers. When you're ready, gently lift
your hands off your body just enough to release them into the air, then
let them be perfectly still. Relax your shoulders, arms and palms.

Lift your hands as slowly as possible, almost
imperceptibly. Feel the smallest movement in your awareness as you
continue to lift your hands. See how much you can slow down. Imagine
the molecules of air rolling between your fingers. See if you can slow
the motion down so much that your hands feel as though they're moving
by themselves.

When it feels right, turn your palms toward each other.
As your hands come together, pulse them ever so slowly. Imagine, if you
can, the edges of the energy field between your hands. You may feel as
if you're holding a ball of pulsing energy, or as if your hands were
opposite poles of a magnet. Your mind is relaxed but also aware,
witnessing the flow of sensation into your hands.

For the next few minutes, let your hands move naturally
and your mind observe the smallest details of sensation. At some point,
bring your hands to a place on your body that needs healing or

In your own time, let your hands come to rest in your lap and sit for a few more moments in silence