Yoga With Rob Chambers


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Get into your chosen position. Close your eyes, and relax into a regular rhythm of breathing. Visualize yourself in an art gallery standing before a full-length portrait of yourself as you were when you were really happy.

Take a long look at yourself and consider what you see in those eyes, in the facial features and in the way that you hold yourself. What type of character has the artist captured?

Now you hear approaching footsteps. A small crowd of friends, family members and past acquaintances have come to admire your portrait and tell you why they love or respect you. There is no need to be self-­conscious or to display false modesty. In this dimension everyone speaks the truth. This occasion is not the place for criticism, but for appreciation and deserving praise. This is not an empty gesture, but a demonstration of genuine affection.

See each person in turn as they approach the portrait and listen as they declare your qualities to the group. You may be surprised by what they reveal. Others often admire us for qualities that we may take for granted.

When everyone has spoken their piece take another long look at the portrait. Has it changed? If so, in what way? In the light of what has been said by your friends and family do you think that you have been too self-critical in the past? Have you been driving yourself too hard rather than treating yourself as you would your best friend?

Now consider, if all these people love you for the reasons that they have stated, then how can you not love yourself?

Look at the portrait for the last time and in your own words affirm that you are a loving, intelligent, creative person. Find other thoughts that come to mind. Use whatever attributes you can recall other people saying. Then, when you have finished, gradually return to waking consciousness.