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Rose of the Heart Meditation

Settling yourself in a comfortable seated position, let your hands relax in your lap, gently close your eyes and focus upon your breathing. Be aware of your feet and the contact they make with the floor. Imagine that you are able to beathe in through your feet. Visualise yourself breathing in vibrant Earth energy to your body. With each out breath, allow this energy to radiate throughout your whole being. As you breathe the Earth energy, feel your body becoming more and more still and more relaxed. You are easy and at rest, yet at the same time very aware of yourself and your surroundings.

Bringing your attention now to the top of your body, visualise that you can breathe through your nostrils directly into your facial muscles. Breathe ease and softness into the whole of the facial area and feel lines of tension or anxiety simply melt away. With every out breath, allow the face to become ever softer and ever smoother. Now visualise that you can breathe directly into your mind space and, with every breath, imagine that you are breathing stillness, clarity and focus into your mind. With every out breath, see any troubled, anxious, turbulent or chattering thoughts gently floating out of your mind and away into the air. Gradually allow your mind to become as quiet and clear as a beautiful lake on an absolutely still and windless day, utterly smooth and unruffled, both on its surface and to its very depths.

Now visualise that you are able to breathe deep down into your heart, the very centre of your being. Breathe the beautiful crystal stillness of your mind into the very innermost core or your heart centre and connect with the profound peace that is there. With every out breath allow the stillness and peace to expand to the fill the whole of our heart. Then, in the midst of the stillness and peace, visualise a soft pink rosebud forming. Watch the bud as it slowly begins to unfurl, opening its delicate petals and exuding the subtlest and most exquisite of perfumes. Be aware that this beauteous bloom represents your own inner purity, perfection, compassion and love. See a soft pink mist surrounding and extending outwards from the flower and know it to be the essence of your own inner beauty. Allow the mist to waft gently into every part and layer of your being. If anything at all disturbs your peace and equanimity, simply acknowledge it and without judgement surrender it to the loving, healing essence which you have released from your heart.

All the while you allow the rose of your heart to do its wonderful work, just continue to breathe steadily, freely and easily. Take as long as you need. There is absolutely no rush.

When you feel ready, allow the rose to fold gently back into its bud form, then bring your attention outwards from your heart centre and back into the process of your breathing. Watch your breath as it comes and goes. Feel its rhythm. Hear it. Let it simply be. Taking your attention to your feet, feel once again the contact with the floor. Consciously breathe in, as if through your feet, the vibrant Earth energy with which we began the meditation. With each out breath, allow yourself to feel ever more grounded. Then bring your attention away from the breath and entirely into the physical body.

Introduce gentle movement to the hands and feet. Stretch, yawn, sigh, relax.

Slowly open your eyes.