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Raising your energy

Raising your energy If you are ill, or just feeling run down and in need of revitalizing, the following exercise will help by stimulating every cell in your body and dissolving blockages which prevent the circulation of vital energy. It is also an ideal exercise to start the day, so try to fit it into your routine. Alternatively, if you need a boost at any time of the day, take five minutes out to raise your energy the natural way by following these simple steps, rather than drinking that extra cup of coffee or having a snack.

Get into your chosen position. Close your eyes and begin to focus on your breathing (see pages 34-35). Take a few deep breaths, then inhale deeply, hold it for a few moments, and then let the breath out as slowly and evenly as you can. Make a soft 'F' sound to push out the very last breath from the lungs so that you can start afresh.

Keeping a steady rhythm of breathing, begin to visualize a pool of soft white light at your feet. See it condensing like a luminous mist as you begin to draw it up around your ankles. Sense its gentle but penetrating warmth on the soles of your feet, then caressing your toes and your ankles as you begin to absorb the light into your body.

See and feel the warm, vibrant light soaking into your lower legs as if your skin were a sponge. The light is cleansing every cell and every blood vessel, stimulating the circulation of the subtle energies and the vital fluids as it rises from your knees up through your thighs to your hips and lower back.

Become aware of the light seeping into your lower and upper back, breaking up and dissolving any blockages there and allowing the free flow of vital energy to every cell in your system. Feel the light flowing into any remaining areas of tension and kneading the knots in your muscles until they are totally relaxed.

The light now flows through your arms to your hands and fingertips. See the light spreading out along the network of nerves and veins to your neck and into your head, relaxing your facial muscles and caressing your temples until you feel clear-headed and calm.

Your subtle, or etheric, body has become a body of light whose energy is radiating outwards to animate and purify every cell in your physical body.

When you feel ready, slowly open your eyes, but take a few moments to enjoy the peace before returning to your work or other tasks. Envisage this light surrounding you for the rest of the day.