Yoga With Rob Chambers


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Begin by focusing on your breathing. Breathe at your own pace in a rhythm of four-two-four-two; inhale, pause, exhale, pause.

As you exhale, visualise the tension that has been trapped at various points in your body being released inside your body in the form of smoke. Visualise it as a form of energy pollution which you have involuntarily absorbed as you might do with exhaust fumes. With the tension of everyday living you have tightened up and trapped it in these pockets within your body. But now you are becoming aware that it is suffocating the ?Universal Force? You have no need of tension. It serves no useful function. See it seeping from your toes, your lower legs, your upper legs, the hips, the lower back and solar plexus (middle of stomach). See it gathering in your stomach, rising up through your chest, neck, jaw, and out through your nostrils with every exhalation. Visualise and sense it draining from your fingertips up into your lower arms, through your upper arms, into your neck, through your throat and out into the atmosphere. Finally, feel it seeping down from your forehead, where a band of tension created by worry and negative thoughts has held you in a vice-like grip, to your mouth. Free yourself from this tension by visualizing it dispersing like smoke with each out breath that you make.

Now that your head and body are clear once again you need to revitalize yourself with an infusion of the 'Universal Force'. Begin by visualizing a point just above your head and see a sphere of incandescent light appear like the sun in the noon sky. As you focus on this light with your inner eye it intensifies in brilliance. It descends upon you and you begin to inhale the light as you would fresh air or an intoxicating incense. Absorb the energy as you breathe, and also through the crown of your head. Feel it relaxing your forehead, face and jaw. Feel the warmth saturating every cell of your being like an invigorating shower which cascades down your neck, through your arms to your hands and fingertips. It courses down through your chest, your stomach, solar plexus, hips, lower back and legs and rushes down to your toes. The light is cleansing and energizing. You feel refreshed, invigorated and renewed. Now there is nothing but the light circulating throughout your system.

This is the moment to send down roots of etheric energy into the earth to ground yourself so that you are not unbalanced by an excess of power. Do this by visualizing the energy seeping from the soles of your feet into the ground and forming roots. Sense yourself being anchored by them. Now visualize a second sphere of almost translucent light like the full moon in the clear night sky emerging from the earth. Begin to draw this light up through the soles of your feet and into your body. Sense the different quality of this energy rising up through your legs, hips, back, solar plexus and stomach. Sense it being soaked up by the cells in your fingertips, your hands, arms, chest, neck and head. Feel the two streams of celestial and terrestrial energy blending in your physical~body and permeating the other levels of your being. You are now fully energized and grounded.

Bathe in the light for as long as you wish, before slowly returning to waking consciousness by counting down slowly from ten to one. As you count down, focus once again on your breathing and become aware of your body, the chair you are sitting on and your surroundings. When you feel ready, open your eyes.