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Flame Meditation

Part 1:

Being as empty as possible, simply gaze at the flame. Silently focus on the flame. Your inner chatterer will probably comment, compare, and judge. Let it do its thing and the chatter will eventually slow and possibly even stop. Just watch the flame`s soothing dance.

Part 2:

After gazing steadily at the flame with eyes open, close your eyes and visualize the flame. Use the flame as an inner sacrificial altar. Send your negative characteristics to the flame and see them dissolve, burn away, or turn to ashes. Serve up all the things that take your peace away. Your impatience, cold heartedness, anger, pain, self-loathing, and so on. Sacrifice them all. In your mind`s eye, see yourself becoming purer and purer, glowing more and more as the flame grows brighter with each offering. See the purified light fill you and radiate out in all directions, sending healing energy everywhere. Shine brightly, eternally.

Part 3:

Concentrate on the flame at the tip of a candle. Mentally analyze what you witness. See the white, blue, red, orange, yellow areas of the flame. Observe the way the light changes as it radiates from the candle. Observe the never-ending movement. Feel the warmth. Acknowledge this naked exhibition of atomic energy at play, unencumbered by solidity. Close your eyes and visualize the flame within your heart, stimulating the pulse of life itself. Witness the flame throbbing with every heartbeat and see light fill every organ, every bone, and every cell in your body. Witness the flame light up your inner being and beam energy out to infinity. In your mind`s eye, see the flame within every person on earth. See the flame within every creature that lives in the oceans, on the land, or in the skies. See the flame within every tree, every plant, everything that has life.

Visualize the flame within every molecule and within every atom that composes all the so-called inanimate objects, and see the animation of the flickering energy that keeps all things in lively movement. See the Earth itself filled with radiant flame. Recognize the Sun as the flame of life and see its energy animating every atom of all the heavenly bodies in the solar system.

See the entire galaxy and all the millions of billions of galaxies alive with the same energy as the flame of the candle and know that this energy is within everything, everywhere and you are at one with it, luminescent, limitless, and eternal. You are now and have always been and will forever be pure conscious energy