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Dot Meditation

Get into your chosen position. Close your eyes, breathe naturally and when you feel suitably relaxed begin to visualize a tiny white dot directly in front of you against the darkness. If this is difficult at the beginning you can imagine a white chalkmark on a blackboard instead, but if you have to resort to this do not be distracted by other details that may intrude such as the stick of chalk itself, a hand drawing the chalkmark or even the entire schoolroom. The mind does not readily settle for simplicity, so do not encourage it to be creative at this point in your practice.

When you have the dot fixed in your mind for several minutes without distraction, then visualize it growing larger and larger until you can step into it. At this point open your eyes and sit still for a few moments before returning to what you were doing previously.

Try substituting the dot with a number the next time you attempt this exercise and when you have mastered that try to visualize a coloured circle or light. It is not as easy as you think and you may find these exercises boring, but it is vital that you develop these basic skills before you move on.