Yoga With Rob Chambers


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Chakra balancing

Close your eyes and begin by focusing on your breathing (see pages 34-35).

When you feel sufficiently relaxed, visualize a closed white lotus flower on the ground between your feet. Take your time and fix it firmly in your mind's eye in as much detail as you can. See the rich green leaves and the waxy white petals and sense the life force inside you begin to stir. Now watch closely as the lotus slowly opens to reveal petals flecked with a hint of brown and black. These are the lowest vibrations in the colour spectrum corresponding to the energy of the earth and the base chakra at your feet. Begin to feel this energy around your feet 'grounding' you in the earth, steadying you for the ascent in consciousness.

Now visualize a second lotus emerging from the sacral chakra beneath your navel. This second lotus is a vivid red. Red is the lowest vibration in the colour spectrum. It is the colour of physical energy. Watch as the lotus opens and feel the energy stimulating your sacral chakra and radiating outwards around your body.

Now visualize a third flower opening in your solar plexus chakra, the seat of your emotions. The petals of this lotus are orange. Orange balances the red of physical energy with the yellow of the mental level. As the flower unfolds sense the energy in this chakra dissolving the tension and unravelling any knots that may have been in your stomach, trapping emotions which need to be released.

From the heart centre in the middle of your chest a fourth flower emerges, a white lotus with a yellow centre and petals that are tinted with streaks of green. Yellow is symbolic of the vital and healing force of the sun and of the intellect, while green is the colour of harmony and of nature. Green is also symbolic of the boundary between the physical and spiritual realms. As the petals open, sense the refreshing energy awakening the heart chakra, energy that flows instinctively in response to natural beauty and brings compassion for all living things.

The next lotus to materialize is in the throat centre. It has a violet and purple hue on the outer petals, but when it unfolds the inner leaves are veined with a vivid -blue. Blue is the third primary colour and is the first of the spiritual colours. Blue presides over the passions and the mental processes. It is symbolic of the throat chakra through which we are able to express our thoughts and feelings. As the lotus opens, sense the energy stimulating this centre.

Then concentrate on the middle of your forehead and feel a tickly sensation as the sixth lotus in your third eye (brow) chakra opens. The petals are a vivid violet colour. This is our spiritual centre where we develop our imagination and latent clairvoyant abilities.

Finally, focus on a point just above your head traditionally designated as the crown chakra, and visualize a pure white lotus emerging into the light of the-multi-coloured aura which now surrounds you. As you watch this symbol of the life force unfolding you sense the light in your lower chakras intensifying, rising in a stream of pure light and energy to revitalize every cell of your being.

This light then spills out of your crown chakra, bubbling over into your aura, bathing you in a cascade of pranic (universal) energy that refreshes, invigorates and cleanses you thrcughout your entire body. When the stream has run its course you are left in a deep state of relaxation free from the negativity of the physical_world.

Gradually return to waking consciousness.