Yoga With Rob Chambers


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Our basic state is one of purity, bliss, and awareness. When you were a baby you were in this virginal, joyous condition. The events of your life have caused you to add layers of negativity around this holy state to such a degree that now you suffer more and more and experience the blessed and immaculate in your life far too rarely. You need to add nothing to know the ecstasy that is your birthright. What will let this eternal moment of infinite joy reoccur is the removal of the obstacles to your pure energy connection.

The first step in recovering your perfection is to melt away all your tension. Relax. Witness and feel your breath as it comes and goes. With every exhale, send out a characteristic that has caused you to be blind to your light. With every inhale, bring into your being a divine attribute and feel yourself being purified. Send the energy throughout your body, mind, and emotions.

Exhale fear, inhale courage.

Exhale cold-heartedness, inhale compassion.

Exhale ignorance, inhale wisdom.

Exhale egoism, inhale humility.

Exhale nervousness, inhale tranquility.

Exhale hate, inhale love.

Exhale suffering, inhale peace.

And on and on and on.

Continue until you have nothing else blocking your glory. At the right time, your holy moment arrives. Then, even your affirmations are unnecessary. The silence that transcends all names and forms fills you as you realize your oneness with the source of all breath. Your consciousness fills the universe and you had simply forgotten this, your eternal reality. You awaken from the dream and live happily ever after.