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The Best People

The best people are just themselves. They are born with an extra dimension. They can be rich, poor, male, female, cockney, French, Chinese, Indian, Arab or Swahili, any colour, any race and any age. There is some indefinable, irreducible core to them which transcends their physical trappings; character, spirit, call it what you will but they are always themselves through any hardships, miseries or difficulties.

They are always in the minority but they are always there wherever you go, and they are the ones who make it all worthwhile. They are not just a vacuum waiting to be told how to behave, how to dress, what to think and what to believe. You can always see it in their faces. They have an aura of optimism and hope, a serenity of spirit which is literally visible.
They do not belong to any nation, class, party or group of any kind. they belong to themselves. They are captain of their own soul.

And they are very few.