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Coping With Stress

Recognise what it is that causes you stress - in yourself and in your particular situation.

Learn to live with imperfection - in yourself and in others.

Learn to delegate and share responsibility - the world won't collapse if you let go!

Allow yourself the luxury of a good self-image - others can't think well of you if you don't think well of yourself.

Allow yourself to express your feelings - leaking is better than bursting!

Work for a consensus - cooperation is better than coercion.

Find and keep a strong group of friends - support is not just for the feeble.

Try not to make all your major life changes at once.

Discover the word "No".

Don't compete all the time.

Reduce noise levels - listen to the silence.

Slow down your movements - it will help to slow down your mind.

Be aware of your breathing - learn to breathe well.

Truth is not only stranger than fiction, it causes much less anxiety - stick to it.

Learn to relax properly - practise for at least a few minutes every day.