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Yoga is a challenging, fun discipline that keeps the body fit. It
helps to regulate the internal organs and balances the circulatory,
respiratory and hormonal systems.

It alleviates stress, aids in the healing of physical injuries and
illnesses and creates a general sense of well-being. As you practise
the poses, you become stronger both physically and mentally. As you
become more flexible in your body, you become more flexible in your

The classes are open to anyone of any age. It is not necessary to
have done any yoga before. Postures, movements and other activities can
be adapted and changed to suit most people. If you have a particular
physical or mental problem that you think your teacher should know
about, feel free to discuss this in confidence. If you are not sure
about whether or not you should be doing some or all of the yoga
postures, have a word with your G.P., or therapist.

You will need a minimum of equipment.

Work on a non-slip mat or directly on the floor.If you are
using an exercise mat or something similar that is likely to slip, come
off it when balancing or when performing anything that might cause you
to lose control.
Try not to eat fewer than two hours before your yoga class.
Go to the toilet before you start.
Practise in loose-fitting clothing and bare feet.
Remove hard contact lenses.
Seek advice if you experience difficulties in practice. Your difficulty may
be a common one, and there is likely to be a solution. In the meantime,
avoid straining.
A small cushion, blanket, strap or belt and a hard foam block are useful items to bring with you.

Rob Chambers a Hatha yoga teacher from England who has been teaching for
many years. His preference is to teach the Hatha form, though he uses
elements from other styles, including Iyengar and Ashtanga.
Geared toward different fitness and experience levels, his classes are
accessible to students of every age, ability and body-type. Classes
include the asanas, breathing and relaxation exercises.
The language of instruction is English, though the postures are often
referred to by their Sanskrit names.
Class members are advised to bring their own yoga mats (including
straps, blanket and blocks if possible).